Best Breweries In Seattle, WA

When you think of Seattle, you might be tempted to make some awful joke about being sleepless. I know I am, and I’ve never even seen the movie. But I’m also tempted to think about the Seattle beer scene because it is POPPING!

Yes, Seattle is home to plenty of things. A football team, a baseball team, the Space Needle, some other landmarks, blah blah blah. When you’re a self-anointed beer snob like I am, you’re looking for one thing: a brewery you can sit in for hours on end, crying tears of joy into the complimentary pretzels while you finish your eighth saison.

For locals, visitors and beer snobs alike, here’s a quick spotlight and the Emerald City.

Best Craft Beer In Seattle

Those within the Northwest/West Coast realm probably know about Elysian Brewing, Pyramid Brewing, Red Hook and the like. I’m going to go ahead and gloss right over those since you can buy those in tons of different places – all thanks to a term known as “selling out.” However, if you see them sitting in your local stores, they’re all definitely worth a try.

If you’re planning a trip to Seattle that has a beer focus, the number one recommendation has to be Fremont Brewing. Not only does Fremont successfully produce year-round beers that please, but they’re also among the best in the nation when it comes to barrel aging their brews. And they have solid non-alcoholic offering, too!

For touristy people going to Pike Place Market, Cloudburst Brewing is a must. Tucked in what I assume is an old garage, Cloudburst creates some of the purest beers in the area. Just a mile or so away is Holy Mountain Brewing. The Interbay location can feel a little out of the way, but a recently added location in Phinney Ridge is much more accessible and carries all the same beer (as far as I can tell).

I also wouldn’t be able to write anything Seattle-beer related without mentioning my favorite gem, Urban Family Brewing. Their beers are designed to be new and unique, often breaking the mold of what you might expect from a sour or IPA. You truly can’t get anything like their beer anywhere else in the world as far as I know.

In truth, you can find happiness in just about any brewery in Seattle. There are only a few that I haven’t enjoyed – and to be honest I know people that love those breweries, so I don’t need to badmouth them.

Other places that deserve love:

  • Reuben’s Brewery (for their Crush series)
  • Stoup Brewing ( for the sublime Mixtape Romeo)
  • Old Stove Brewing (for their water views)
  • Hellbent Brewing (for their Funky Red Patina)
  • Stoup Brewing (for their fireplace and beer)

Beers To Drink In Seattle

Honestly, you have to try something seasonal in Seattle since the best beers often are not produced year-round. But I’ll rattle off a handful beers you need to try:

  • Fremont Brewing Interurban IPA
  • Holy Mountain The Seer
  • Elysian Space Dust IPA
  • Seapine IPA

Been to Seattle? Know it? Live there? Heard of Seattle? I know there’s a lot going on beer-wise in this city, so leave anything important I missed in the comments below!

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