Boochcraft Review – Kombucha With A KICK!

It’s fair to be skeptical of boozy kombucha. Most people I’ve talked to about it have never even tried the non-alcoholic version of kombucha.

For some reason, I feel like the alcoholic version is an easier entry into brewed teas. But I digress.

I’m here today to talk about Boochcraft’s new set of cans, which I had a chance to try this past weekend. I tried four flavors – if you read this post, you’ll remember that these are two existing flavors and two new ones – which all clocked in at 7% ABV.

Interesting side-bar: Have you noticed that wine cooler/flavored malt beverage/things like this kombucha tend to have the same ABV across their brand regardless of the flavor and ingredients? You don’t see beer or wine doing that. Not saying anything about that, it’s just interesting to me.

Anyway, I received the cans in the mail with the instructions to chill the cans prior to drinking. Kombucha is alive, and its shelf life shortens dramatically if it’s warm. Or something like that.

So, I chilled the bad boys and did what any respectable American would do: drink in a public park with a bunch of other people drinking.

Here’s the review for each, in the order I tried them. No ratings or rankings, just what I thought. Enjoy.

the 2 new flavors of boochcraft kombucha
Boochcraft’s two new flavors


Grapefruit Hibiscus Heather

I’m not sure if there’s a “flagship” kombucha, but I assumed that this will be the most popular flavor. Boochcraft describes it as “sweet yet biting” and “delicately pink,” and I agree with both of those assessments. However, any kombucha drinker knows that kombucha’s flavor is…strong. Subtle flavors can get drowned out if you aren’t looking for them, and non-kombucha drinkers are likely to not notice any of the flavors in general.

That being said, it was a nice drink.

Orange Pomegranate Beet

Boochcraft says they use all-natural ingredients in their drink, which is good. But I was surprised to find out how sweet this was in comparison to the other three kombuchas. It was almost like a “hard seltzer” sweet, which I suppose is due to the mix of orange and pomegranate. The beet sticks out nicely at the end and prevents this from leaving a soda-like aftertaste in your mouth.

This was my least favorite of the bunch, and I would guess that many non-kombucha drinkers would find this too sweet to enjoy an entire can of.

Ginger Lime Rosehips

I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of ginger. I don’t feel comfortable criticizing this drink in any way because it tasted like ginger. After the ginger taste faded, I got more of the lime and rosehips, which I thought was a nice touch.

If you like or love ginger, it’s worth a try. Then you can tell me if it’s good or not!

Lemon Maple Thyme

Complete honesty: this blew my socks off. Whoa. Wowza! I don’t care what you drink or how you drink it, I think this kombucha is worth trying. This could convert a non-booch drinker into a booch drinker. It could turn the night into day. The simple revelation of this melody of flavors may even be able to help your facial hair grow faster (or, if you don’t want facial hair, slower).

Please, I implore you, try this. Try this kombucha. Change your habits. Change your life.

Overall Boochcraft Impression

There are a lot of things to like about Boochcraft as a business. They’re trying to be sustainable and healthy while getting you drunk. Sounds good to me.

Boochcraft does claim that kombucha is “better for you” than other alcohols and that it doesn’t give you a hangover, or that it at least doesn’t give you as bad of a hangover as other drinks. I can’t speak to that since I didn’t drink enough to get drunk, but hey, who knows.

I can say that I didn’t dislike any of the flavors, and that’s pretty impressive for any assorted four-pack of anything. Is it worth the $13.99 for a four-pack? Maybe, if you really love kombucha or are just too damn curious. You can easily find great alcohol for less, but I say that it’s at least worth trying before you write it off completely.

At least, the Lemon Maple Thyme is. Wowee.

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