Best Breweries In Reno, NV

Ah, Reno, the Biggest Little City in the World.

When I mention Reno most people mention gambling, Lake Tahoe or the time that they drove through and stayed at one of the hotel/casinos for a night on their way to Las Vegas.

But Reno is much more than a gambling destination or a spot to pass through on the way to your vacation. Reno is the destination – especially for those that have any interest in beer.

Yes, I’m biased because I lived there for 13 years, but I also live in Seattle and can objectively compare the two cities. Trust me, Reno has great beer. Here’s where to go:

Craft Breweries to Visit in Reno

I can’t in good conscience tell someone to go to Reno and not mention Great Basin Brewing Co. Named after the Great Basin (the local aquifer), this brewery technically started in nearby Sparks but has since opened a second location in Reno. Excellent beer and excellent food.

If you want food and don’t want to visit Great Basin, you’re insane and also have other options. Brasserie St. James is a local favorite that just opened up shop in San Fran, as is The Depot, a converted train depot. Both brew and serve great food. Bonus points: The Depot also distills their own liquor!

For the hardcore beer snobs, the top spot may be Revision Brewing Co. Yes, this is also technically in Sparks, but their presence is felt throughout the region. They’re known for their IPAs, hazy IPAs and double IPAs. They used to only brew IPAs, but they’ve since started making other beer as well, and all of it is worth trying.

What? Don’t like IPAs? Then the best bet is Imbib Custom Brews, Reno’s local funk shop. Imbib specializes in the weirder beers which, for many people, means sours, saisons and anything barrel-aged. If you’re looking for something fresh and unique, Imbib is the stop.

Every time I visit Reno I go to some (or all) of these breweries. I also go to many other breweries, and they deserve attention, too.

Other breweries that deserve love:

10 Torr Distillery and Brewery (for their many options)

Pigeon Head Brewery (for their name and Pilsner)

Lead Dog Brewing Co (for being connected to a winery – everyone wins)

Record Street Brewing (for its proximity to baseball and even more beer)

Beers to Drink in Reno

I don’t really thing that people should tell each other what they should and should not be drinking. Everyone has their own tastes and preferences.

That being said, here are the beers you should be drinking:

Pigeon Head Pilsner

Great Basin “Icky” IPA

Revision Reno As F*** IPA

10 Torr Mexican Lager

Ever been to Reno? Agree with me? Disagree with me? Mention anything I might have missed in the comments – and yes, I know, I couldn’t get everything on here.

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