Best Breweries in Miramar, San Diego

Anyone who has visited San Diego and checked out the craft beer scene knows that there are special neighborhoods in the city that are absolutely packed with high-quality craft beer.

Miramar happens to be one of those neighborhoods.

I no particular order, these are the best breweries and taprooms to check out in Miramar.

Best Breweries in Miramar

Keep in mind that breweries are constantly opening in Miramar, and some of the locations mentioned below are just one of several that the brewery has in San Diego or Southern California. Ok, the list:

  1. Pure Project
  2. Duck Foot Brewing
  3. Ballast Point Brewing
  4. Little Miss Brewing
  5. Fall Brewing Company
  6. AleSmith Brewing Company
  7. Division 23 Brewing
  8. Kove Brewing
  9. Embolden Beer Company
  10. Protector Brewery
  11. Collective Culture

As far as I know, this is the most up-to-date list available. But, of course, if I missed a spot please leave a comment below.

Honorable Mentions

The “Honorable Mentions” category is usually where I mention some places that are great, but didn’t quite make my list. However, since every brewery in Miramar is on this list, the Honorable Mentions will be a little different.

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