Beach Beers: Breaking Out Of Lockdown

You know things are serious when the title of an article sounds like an action film.

If you have your finger on the pulse of the USA, then you know one thing is true: this summer is going to be wild. Well, at least in comparison to last summer. 

With lockdowns ending across the nation and vaccination rates climbing higher and higher, we can finally appreciate the one thing we missed most last year. 

Beers with friends.

To celebrate the end of all COVID-19 restrictions in Seattle (yahoo!), the good people at Schofferhofer sent us their brand new beverage that’s perfect for pacing yourself as your body re-adapts to sunshine.

A Beer You Can Be Passionate About

Because I can’t write an article without at least one pun, you can get PASSIONate about Schofferhofer’s new Passion Fruit Hefeweizen, coming to an American alcohol market near you! That’s how people talk, right? It’s been a while…

Anyway, here are some quick facts about the Passion Fruit Hefe:

  • Created by Germany’s own Schofferhofer
  • 50-50 German Hefe and passion fruit juice split
  • Light, crisp, and tropical
  • Low and drinkable 2.5% ABV

If you recall, we got to try Schofferhofer’s then-new Grapefruit Hefe around Oktoberfest. Comparing the two right off the bat, I can comfortably say that the new passion fruit version is perfect for the beach. 

Here’s photo evidence:

Enjoy The Wild Summer Responsibly

Whether or not you choose to try Schofferhofer’s passion fruit beer, here are some pro-tips I’ve assembled to keep your wild summer from going off the rails and somehow becoming worse than 2020 *shutters*.

  • Keep the ABV low. We’re all excited to drink at the beach, at friends’ houses, at bars, yada yada. But never sprint marathons. To ensure the good times do indeed continue to roll, save those super boozy drinks for when you’re locked inside again.
  • Try something new. I’ve preached this in the past, too — get out of your comfort zone and try something new. While you can apply this advice to anything in life, I’m advising it for alcohol. 
  • Drink without fear of calories. Did you know you can drink alcohol that doesn’t suck and doesn’t have hundreds of calories? You can find a list of some of my favorites here.
  • Bring enough to share. Remember when you would see people and share drinks? Well, it’s happening again! It’s best for everyone’s sake to never show up empty-handed.
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