4 Beer Cocktails for Every Beer Drinker

Got a favorite type of beer? Maybe a style you like most? Let’s spice it up and hopefully make it better by using it in a cocktail.

Beer cocktails aren’t super common, mostly because beer flavors are either too subtle or strong to blend well with other flavors. But with the right combination, you can get a tasty drink that has more than just beer in it! What’s not to love?

Instead of just throwing cocktails at you, I’ve decided to split them up. The different recipes on here are based on different beer styles, so instead of just blindly looking at different recipes and guessing whether or not you’ll like them, you can start with your favorite type of beer and go from there.

Also, keep in mind that I like my cocktails to taste a little boozy. If that’s not your thing, I recommend playing with the measurements a little bit.

So, on to the recipes, all based on beer.


Keep in mind that by IPAs, I mean those bitter, hoppy IPAs. If you’re drinking hazy IPAs, you might as well pour some champagne in there and call it a mimosa.

So, the best drink I found is basically a gin and juice, but with some beer.


  • IPA (hoppy and bitter)
  • Gin
  • Lemon juice
  • Flavored syrup

You mix a shot of gin with half a 12 oz bottle of IPA. Next, mix in roughly a shot of lemon juice. Splash it with a flavored syrup if you want to add some flavor and thicken the consistency.

Stouts/Porters and Ales

If you are thinking to yourself “I just love all beer,” then let’s stick with what works: the good ole black and tan.


  • Pale ale
  • Stout

The key to a good black and tan is the pour. Start with the ale and fill up your glass halfway. After, pour the stout carefully into the glass. We want to get the nice separation. If we don’t, we don’t have a black and tan – well, we will, it just doesn’t look like one.

Mexican Lagers (Pacifico, Modelo, by all means not Corona)

This is going to blow your mind: you should mix Mexican lagers with a margarita. But we won’t be using Corona because there are plenty of Mexican lagers with much more flavor. Corona will just get lost in the booze.


  • 1 can/bottle of Mexican lager
  • 1-2 shots of tequila (depending on your mood)
  • 16 ounces of margarita mix

The goal with this one is to complement the margarita since everybody already loves margs. Another goal is to create something a little less trashy than a beerarita.

Cheap Lagers (PBR, Hamms, Budweiser)

If these are your favorite beers then you’re probably only drinking for one reason: to get drunk. Let me help:


  • 1 can/bottle of cheap lager
  • 1 shot of everclear
  • ½ can of Redbull

No subtlety here, folks. I took a classic club drink (a vodka Redbull), made it boozier by adding gross beer. No, this will not taste good. But I assume that after one of these you won’t be able to taste anything, anyway. I do NOT recommend drinking these in excess since you will be getting some very bad looks from the people you love.

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