8 Real Reasons Beer Is Good For You

When you hear the words “beer” and “health” in the same sentence, you probably think of empty calories, beer guts and a delightfully delicious drink.

After all, everyone knows that beer is far from diet material. But does that mean that beer is bad for you?

Or even better, is beer even good for you?

The answer is…yes! Yes, beer is good for you! So pop a cold one and read through to find out what awesome benefits you’re getting from that barley pop.

Better Brains

Do you ever worry about dementia or Alzheimer’s? Well, a beer will help. It turns out that moderate beer drinking probably reduces your chances of getting either disease.

A Healthy Heart

Heart disease can be staved off with a brew. One wonderful benefit of beer is that it helps un-clot your blood vessels. There’s probably a very scientific reason for this, but I like to think it’s because beer keeps your heart happy.

Silky Smooth Skin

“I thought alcohol is bad for your skin.” That’s the voice of a naysayer. Beer has vitamins in it that helps reduce acne and can improve your skin quality. Unfortunately, teens with bad acne can’t drink beer. So…sorry, teens.

But wait, there’s more! Beer also helps your hair grow stronger. All you have to do is shower with your beer and run it through your hair. Not only will your hair look beautiful, but you’ll smell like you’re covered in beer!

Plenty of Fiber

Fiber is pretty rad, and beer has plenty of it. Pretty good.

Vitamins, Too!

I won’t claim to know what most vitamins do, but I’ll tell you which ones are in beer: Vitamin B, flavonoids, vitamin B3, choline, vitamin B6, more B vitamins and other stuff depending on what type of beer you’re sipping.

Happy Kidneys

If you stay up late at night worrying about kidney stones, you should probably have a beer. Mostly because beer helps with insomnia (bonus benefit), but also because beer reduces your chances of getting a kidney stone.

Benefits for the Bones

It turns out that the group that can benefit most from beer is women, particularly the elderly. Beer is full of flavonoids, a neat little guy that prevents the decay of bone density. That means fewer broken hips for sweet old ladies. So next time you visit grandma, knock back a few cold ones with her. You know, for her health.

Beer Keeps You Sane

Beer will literally keep you from going crazy. Studies show that beer drinkers have a lower risk of mental health issues. Also, beer is an excellent stress reliever – but if you’ve have beer before, you probably already knew that.


Can you believe how many health benefits beer has? It almost makes you want to drink one for every item on this list. However, doctors recommend moderation as too much of anything is bad for you. No matter the case, here’s another excuse to have beer.

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