Beer Tan Viral Trend: When Reality Outmaches Satire

Earlier this year I had a passing thought: wouldn’t it be funny to make fun of social media influencers who always say “people have been asking about my skincare routine..” Here’s how my mock video would go.

First, I would do that top-down selfie pose so nobody can see my double chin. Next, I’d start my obviously scripted bit.”

“People have been asking about my skincare routine…” which is funny because of course nobody is coming to me for skincare advice.

Next, I would hit them with the funny part:

“My secret is beer.” But not drinking beer, oh no. The secret is pouring beer on your skin! Then I would pour an entire beer on my arms and brag about how I’m feeling 10 years younger or something like that.

But satire is only funny when it goes just beyond believability, and the real world has caught up to me. 

People are unironically pouring beer in their skin.

Beer Tans and TikTok

Apparently the type of people I wanted to poke fun at now think that beer will help you tan. The logic is there…right? Because beer is sticky like tanning oil, or something?

Anyway, this trend is obviously a great way to get sun burnt and potentially cause legitimate skin damage. Oh, if only I had taken the time to make my video, the irony would have been soooo nice.

Now I have to try and think way, waaaaay ahead to something so ludicrous that it could never happen…in the next 3 months. Oh boy.

So, instead of my 4/10 funny beer-on-skin video, I settled for a 3/10 funny video:

@shortbrews Dermatologists everywhere are screaming. #beertime #craftbeertok #tanning ♬ original sound – Short Brews

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