Outdoor Beer Games For Sunny Days

Depending on where you live, what the weather is like and what time of day it is, the sun might be out. Perfect time for some outdoor beer games!

There’s nothing like moving beer drinking from inside to outside. It’s like getting a fresh start, shedding that cocoon and showing the world the beautiful butterfly you knew you were. It’s also a lot of fun to drink beer outside since there are plenty of great games to play.

Word of caution: drink responsibly with all these games. You don’t want to be that person at the party. Nobody wants to be that person. Nobody even wants that person at the party.

Without further ado, here are some great outdoor beer games that I’ve already played this year.

Beer Pong

If you’ve heard of beer games, you’ve probably heard of this. I’m not going to explain the rules since the official beer pong league did it for me.

But I will show you this incredible image defining the different types of shots.

Image via Wiki Commons

Beer Die

Beer die, sometimes called Snappa, is probably the least well-known beer games I’ll put on this list, but it sure is fun. You play with a die – as in one die from a set of dice – and basically just throw it on a table.

However, it’s more than that. You’re supposed to throw the die at least 7 feet above your own height, aiming to hit it on the table. You play in teams standing on opposite sides of the table, and you place a glass with beer in the corners. Plenty of little rules here – thankfully, Wikipedia explains all the little nuances.

If you don’t want to read through Wikipedia right now, I’ll share this tidbit. Apparently, there are three player types in the game: offense based, defense based and stamina based.

Offense players are great at throwing the die. Defense players are great at catching. Stamina players are great at drinking. I think we all strive to be stamina players.

Flip Cup

Flip cup is best played outside because it’s messy. You’ll be getting beer everywhere.

This is such a great game that the fine folks of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia created an entire episode centered around flip cup.

The rules are easy, so I’ll explain: two teams line up on opposite ends of the table. One player from both teams starts drinking their beer – after finishing the beer, they need to flip the cup from the small base to the open top. After the flip is complete, the rest of the players go.

Spice this game up by kicking out the worst player on the team that loses! Then keep playing with the same amount of beer. Yes, this means someone will get extra beer every round.

Flip cup goes well with yelling.

Beer Darts


Image via Wiki Commons

You basically just lay out beer cans on throw darts at them. You can make up scoring rules, teams, etc. But if you pierce a can, somebody is supposed to shotgun the beer through the hole made by the dart. Again, caution – you’re cutting metal with metal here, then drinking through the hole.

This is a nice game to play on a lawn or in the sand.

Boat Race

No frills here, folks. Boat race is just a very, very elegant name for very, very primal game.

In boat race, you chug. When you finish your beer, the next person on your team chugs. It’s literally a race to see which team can finish their beer first, but you take turns drinking.

Boat race is nice because it takes no setup. You can be standing, sitting, laying down, doing handstands, doesn’t matter. But the game takes less than a minute, so you won’t really feel engaged for very long.

Boat race is played best while everyone wears yachting clothes.

So there you have it! Some great game ideas to get you outside. Enjoy the sunshine!

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