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Sometimes it’s nice to collaborate. In the past, I had a fun discussion with Ryan of HoppyBoston.com on underrated/underappreciated beer styles. Today, I get to share a different yet equally fun discussion I had with Shanleigh, a brewery and beverage industry veteran with some great perspective on the industry.

Shan has a wellspring of brewing experience, ranging from creating bitchin recipes to getting into the nitty gritty of hop profiles. You can learn more about her work and insights on ShanFerments.com or through her Instagram @Shan.Ferments.

If you really want to learn more from Shan, like right now, then keep reading! Because I had a chance to catch up with Shan and discuss some of the modern issues with breweries that she’d love to see addressed. 

Shanleigh’s suggestions highlight opportunities for breweries to stir up innovation while maintaining their tradition. Here’s to hoping her call inspires some fresh change in the industry. Stay tuned for more brewing insights and news!

So, without further ado…

What are changes you’d like to see in the brewing industry?

Shan: Here are five changes I’d love to see embraced in the brewing industry.

  1. Sustainability: Climate change is undeniably impacting our world, and it’s high time breweries incorporated sustainability as a core business strategy. Renewable energy use, water recycling, and the utilization of spent grain are practical ways breweries can contribute to a healthier planet while simultaneously reducing operating costs.
  2. Flavor Experimentation: I encourage breweries to step out of their comfort zones. Exploring different yeast strains, incorporating unconventional ingredients, and applying innovative brewing techniques could lead to the creation of unique, memorable beers that distinguish a brand in a crowded marketplace.
  3. Community Engagement: Breweries often serve as community hubs. A deeper engagement with their local communities, including hosting events, supporting local causes, and sourcing ingredients locally can foster a stronger community bond while enhancing customer loyalty.
  4. Transparency: In today’s information age, consumers appreciate knowing what’s in their brew. Increased transparency in the brewing process, ingredients used, and the environmental impact of operations can foster consumer trust and provide an educational platform for beer enthusiasts.
  5. Inclusive Brew Experiences: Finally, I recommend that breweries work on creating more inclusive experiences. This could include a wider variety of non-alcoholic or low-alcohol options for those who want to enjoy the brewery experience without high alcohol content. It could also mean designing accessible tasting rooms or tours to include more people in the craft beer world.

Thanks again Shan, and another reminder to check out ShanFerments if you want to learn waaaaaay more about beer, hops, yeasts, and the industry.

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