Beer Yoga Is A Thing, I Haven’t Tried It

Beer yoga is a thing, and I haven’t tried it.

That being said, I’m going to talk about beer yoga, since apparently, that’s the only type of yoga that people are doing these days.

Yes, long gone are the days where people were forced to separate their drinking and their exercise. Wonderful events like the Beer Mile have broken down barriers, and now drinking is a legitimate part of many sports.

I’ve also never done the beer mile, and I definitely don’t plan on it. I have a hard-enough time running a single mile as is sometimes.

But beer yoga? I guess I could try that – even though I haven’t.

What Is Beer Yoga?

You might be asking yourself, “what is beer yoga?” Beer yoga is the culmination of years of research, practice, theory and experimentation in the wide world of yoga.

Basically, you drink a brew while you do yoga.

I’m no scientist, but this can’t be the healthiest yoga trend. Then again, it can’t be nearly as bad for you as hot yoga.

I assume the original pitch for beer yoga was something like this:

Person 1: “Hey, you know how you, like, stretch your body and move and stuff in yoga?”

Person 2: “Yes.”

Person 1: “And you know how you, like, can fall asleep in any sort of weird position if you drink too much?”

Person 2: “I guess.”

Person 1: “Ok, so how about this: we combine them.”

Person 2: “Why?”

Person 1: “I don’t know. Why not?”

Why Not Beer Yoga?

Like most innovations in society, beer yoga must have come from a happy accident. Perhaps the creator was doing yoga but was playing power hour at the same time.

Maybe they’re on to something. After all, beer does have many different health benefits, including reducing your mental stress.

At the same time, yoga is a relaxing sport on its own. By flushing out toxins and moving around, you can do a better job of balancing your body’s hormones. Most people find that yoga calms their minds.

Besides, people pair yoga with all sorts of other things, like cat yoga and goat yoga.

Combine these, and beer yoga could be the greatest sport for the mind. Deep concentration combined with a deep love for brews. Your body will become chiseled, and your mind will reach a higher state. Mental superpowers like telekinesis should be expected.

Or maybe beer yoga is just a fad that’s used to market yoga and bring people in the doors while charging them an absurd amount of money for both the beer and the yoga.

I might have to drink a beer and think on this.

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