Millennials Are Ruining Beer, According To Non-Millennials

I’m a millennial, and I’ve read (and written) a plethora of millennial articles. I enjoy reading them because they say the darnedest things – although I have no idea what I’d do without my avocado toast. But apparently, we millennials are killing beer.

Yes, that is an actual headline from the millennial-focused sight Business Insider.

Their data comes from a Goldman Sachs report, and following the report both Boston Beer Company and Constellation Brands were downgraded.

Never heard of them? Well, Boston Beer Company is the second largest craft brewery in the US and the brewer of Sam Adams and Angry Orchard cider. Constellation Brands is the largest import beer company in the US, giving us gifts like Corona, Svedka Vodka and Black Velvet whiskey. Yum.

But why are these wholesome alcohol giants being downgraded? Why, because millennials don’t like beer, of course!

Millennials Don’t Like Beer…Or Drinking…Except They Do…Or…Hmm

In about five minutes of reading, Business Insider slapped me with these hard facts:

Millennials don’t like beer as much as other generations and are drinking less

Millennials are outpacing every other generation in wine consumption and drink more wine than any other generation per capita.

So, millennials don’t like beer or alcohol in general. Except for wine, which we love more than any other generation.

Oh, also ignore the fact that Goldman Sachs said “the youngest demographic (<35 year olds) overall penetration rates are not increasing,” meaning the amount we drink isn’t increasing. However, they go on to say that “The 35-44 year old cohort shows a shift away from Beer to Wine & Sprits.”

Or, in other words, the generation before millennials is shifting away from beer to wine and spirts while millennial drinking habits are remaining constant.

Also, please ignore the fact that millennials, who make up 29% of the generation, make up over 40% of weekly beer drinkers and nearly 60% of craft beer drinkers, according to the Brewers Association.

Add that all together and it becomes pretty clear that millennials are killing the beer industry. Sorry, Corona, we just want to drink our wine, or not drink at all, or drink craft beer, or continue to fuel clickbait for older generations.

Thanks, Business Insider.


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