Best Places To Have A Beer, Ranked

Beer is good, but did you know that where you have a beer can completely augment the beer-drinking experience?

That’s what I’ve noticed, so it must be at least partially true. 

But where do you go to have the ultimate beer experience? What place can amplify the beer so much that it could leave you in tears? 

Well, that’s what I’m here to tell you!

Here are the best places to have a beer, ranked.

Hot Tubs

Surgeon General, look away. Beers in the hot tub are primo, bar none. I don’t care what the hot tub looks like. I don’t care who all is in the hot tub. Would you pass up the chance to drink a beer in a hot tub? I think not.

Disclaimer: Beers in the hot tub gets you super dehydrated, so bring water or IV bags.

Sports Games

Baseball, football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, gymnastics, swim meets — is there any sporting event that isn’t amplified with a beer?


These ones are classic, and classics never go out of style. Nothing hits quite like having a beer where beers were meant to be had. The atmosphere, the company, and the fact that you are probably enjoying a beer after a long day of work, or something like that.

Unlike home, breweries and bars offer variety, and also unlike home, you don’t run out. Unless you order beer from somewhere like Drizzly.

Golf Course

Golfing is a combination of outdoor enjoyment and recreational sport. Why not add in a beer?

I’ve already ranked the top beers to have on the golf course (spoilers: don’t drink barrel aged stouts in the sun), so check that out if you need some golf-beer inspiration. 

The Beach

When I say the beach, I really mean any beach. While drinking alcohol on the beach is generally frowned upon by lawmakers and law enforcers, there are wonderful pockets of the world where you are encouraged to enjoy a drink on the beach.

If you aren’t having a daiquiri, have a beer.

Your Friend’s House

Drinking a beer at home? Been there, done that. Drinking a beer at a friend’s house? Now this is an occasion!

The tricky part about this is it’s tough to just invite yourself over for a beer. You pretty much have to wait until you’re invited over. Sure, you can invite yourself, but that takes the fun out of this special beer moment.

Bonus points if there’s grilling involved!

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Open Bar Weddings

You’re probably asking “Thomas, why did you rank open bar weddings so low?” Because, unfortunately, wine and cocktails are better at weddings than beer.

Hear me out.

Dancing? Lots of moving. Wedding dinner and desserts? Full stomach.

Beer? Doesn’t fit into the equation super well. That being said, free beer is perhaps the best type of beer.

Bowling Alley

It almost feels wrong adding this in since bowling implies drinking beer, but I’ll add it in anyway. Maybe it’s just something about the way your fingers smell from the bowling ball holes, and then you get a whiff every time you take a drink. 

I don’t know, but I’m ranking it here.

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