Can You Build Muscle Drinking Beer?

We’ve already discussed (lightly) the science behind whether or not beer is good for you. Like all good things, excess is probably going to do more harm than not.

That being said, there are health benefits tied to beer – and they could end up boosting your workout results.

One of the main parts of working out (or so I’m told) is building muscle. There’s plenty of research on the subject, but the idea is pretty clear: work out, eat protein, build muscles. Easy, right?

Naturally, there are nuances to this…and that’s where beer might come in.

When Beer Is Good For Your Workout

Let’s get something out of the way – do not drink and then lift heavy weights. Just don’t, please.

If you’re going to have a beer, it’s likely going to be after your workout. There are all sorts of myths about post-workout nutrition, and one people always told me is that alcohol is bad for your body after a workout.

One person even told me that any alcohol reduces the quality of your workout by 60%. I have no idea where they found out that made-up statistic.

The jury is still out on whether or not beer can be good, but check this out: one or two beers after a workout results in a higher production of testosterone, and testosterone helps muscles grow faster.

In fact, most studies show that alcohol generally doesn’t have negative effects until you get to around 5 or 7 drinks in one sitting. Also, drinking 3-4 beers a day every single day shows negative effects.

This makes sense because we’ve all heard that having one drink a day is good for your heart, blood, and body in general.

When Beer Is Bad For Your Workout

If you plan on binge drinking after a workout, prepare to be upset with your workout results.

According to one study, a 150-pound man that had roughly 7 drinks had suppressed levels of testosterone and a measurable decrease in muscle protein synthesis (the scientific name for muscles growing).

Unsurprisingly, binge drinking is going to make it harder for your body to build muscles. This isn’t even bringing up how many calories, carbs and all that are in 7 drinks or beers. However, beer does have protein. Most beers are going to offer around 1-2 grams per glass.

But what if there was a beer meant for working out? Interestingly enough, some people synthesized the ideal lifting beer.

Meet Barbell Brew, a ridiculously expensive beer that boasts 21.8 grams of protein per beer. PER BEER. Apparently, that’s the same amount of protein that you’d find in a big ass steak. It also has under 100 calories and only 1.7 carbs.

According to reviews, this beer’s taste is “…distinctive” and that having a full six pack makes you feel “in a word, awful!” But for those desperate to build muscles while drinking beer, it’s worth a try, right?


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